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Chapstick review - Chapstick All Natural

So I have had the opportunity to try the new Chapstick All Natural.

Now, I must preface this review with an explanation of how excited I was that there was a new type pf chapstick. You see, I am a chapstick purist at heart. Much like some people will call any soda a Coke, there are those who will call any lip balm a chapstick. Chapstick, however, is its own brand with its own unique personality. No seriously, stop laughing, damnit.

So though there are thousands of different lip balms out there for me to try, it's a rare occurence that chapstick actually puts out a new kind. I was ecstatic. That said...

Chapstick All Natural is a good addition to the chapstick family. It has jojoba, mango butter, beeswax, and all sorts of other trendy "natural" things. It slides on lighter and more slick than regular chapstick, and it has a barely-there scent/flavor that I suspect is from the mango butter. It even comes in a creamy pearlescent tube.

However, it's not my new favorite. Like I said, I'm a chapstick purist. I'm all for all natural ingredients, but the regular chapsticks in their various flavor incarnations (cherry, strawberry, and mint) and even just the classic black all have this thick-coating consistency that only chemicals can provide.

Viva chapstick! ;)
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