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Walgreens Night-Time Baby Lotion

It is time for the long awaited Walgreens product review. The product of the week is:

Walgreens Night-Time Baby Lotion

Now, I hate the smell of baby powder. Loathe it, in fact. I must approve all of Angela's deodorant purchases so that baby powder is not mistakenly purchased for fear that a whiff of her fresh little arm pits will send me into a mad rage. Or I might just say something childish like "ew." Or go into a mad rage. Anyway, because of my intense dislike of all things baby powder, I was wary of the Walgreens Night Time Baby Lotion. However, I opened the cap in aisle 8, peeled back the protective seal (you know, like you're supposed to do after you buy the product) and took a quick smell.

Eureka! The scent was nice and clean and didn't reek of baby's ass, I mean powder. I slathered some on, enjoyed it immensely, then put it back and bought the fresh one from the back of the shelf.

The lotion is thick and creamy, but it melts into the skin like water. It is very cooling and refreshing, and as it promises prominently on the bottle, it does indeed soothe fussy babies. Like me. And it's on sale this week for $1.99! Yay for Walgreens products that don't completely suck.
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