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Things You Saw At The Drugstore's Journal

Sunday, February 11, 2007

2:00PM - sad news

Son of Walgreen's Founder dead at 100.


Also, in case it wasn't obvious, this is a closed community. If you've sent a membership request, I just delete those as soon as they come in my inbox.

Sunday, April 16, 2006

3:49AM - Am I Walgreen's enuf?

Rate me please! I want to be part of the el33t.

* this receipt was stolen from jette's wallet.

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Monday, November 24, 2003


last time i was filling my prescription, i saw a sign saying that the walgreens is closing on november 29th.
i am upset about this. there has been a walgreens there (downtown tucson, next to the historic pioneer hotel, etc.) since at least the 1950's.
and now... :(

Sunday, November 23, 2003


ok, hear me out...
so this one time i walked into a walgreens. I was looking for some copper tone sun block. SPF 20 , nothing more, nothing less.
i found it in the lotion section and i was satisfied. then this man passed me. i turned around and there was this foul odor in the air.
i think he must have farted or something because the odor was so nasty it made my nose hairs curl. that was the worse experience
i ever had at a walgreens. that is all. thank you.


3:13PM - ghetto walgreens

Someone posted recently about how you can tell how ghetto your neighborhood is by if the razors are in an aisle or behind a counter.

At mine the razors are behind a counter and all the smaller bottles of contact solution are locked up in a cabinet.


i know this is off the subject but how come in the stupid windows media player, there is always a playlist called "LIKE HUMANS DO" havent you guys noticed that? hehe maybe im just a nerd, anyway that was just a random thought. also, dont you hate sitting down after you just went number 2?



It is interesting how every walgreens i have been in is set up the same way. HAHA the dog in the movie "Beethovens 2nd" just ran in the basement. its on USA.



Hello, im new to this community. hmm...i notice that walgreens is the only store i can find that sell AMAZIN' FRUIT gummy bears. I love those so much but i cant find them anywhere else! its a shame :( well, anyway, if anyone knows where i can get from, other than walgreens, let me know!!!! see ya!


Friday, November 21, 2003


This afternoon at Walgreens...
The old man in front of me at the check out was purchasing these following items:
- 2 home enema kits
- 1 Hershey bar

This guy's gonna have a wild Friday night.

(New member here, by the way.)

Monday, November 17, 2003


One awesome super secret tactic for super secret Walgreens experts is checking out at the perfume counter thing in the cosmetics section. If the Walgreens you're at lacks a counter in the cosmetics section or it's not open (which is all too often), another nice place to check out at when the store is crowded is the photo counter, but that's about as much of a super secret tactic as "Train In Vain" is a super secret song on London Calling; it rules but honestly, you'd have to make an effort not to notice it. Um, la fin.


Since joining this community. I haven't posted once, nor visited a walgreens.

Monday, October 13, 2003

5:27PM - Chapstick review - Chapstick All Natural

So I have had the opportunity to try the new Chapstick All Natural.

Now, I must preface this review with an explanation of how excited I was that there was a new type pf chapstick. You see, I am a chapstick purist at heart. Much like some people will call any soda a Coke, there are those who will call any lip balm a chapstick. Chapstick, however, is its own brand with its own unique personality. No seriously, stop laughing, damnit.

So though there are thousands of different lip balms out there for me to try, it's a rare occurence that chapstick actually puts out a new kind. I was ecstatic. That said...

Chapstick All Natural is a good addition to the chapstick family. It has jojoba, mango butter, beeswax, and all sorts of other trendy "natural" things. It slides on lighter and more slick than regular chapstick, and it has a barely-there scent/flavor that I suspect is from the mango butter. It even comes in a creamy pearlescent tube.

However, it's not my new favorite. Like I said, I'm a chapstick purist. I'm all for all natural ingredients, but the regular chapsticks in their various flavor incarnations (cherry, strawberry, and mint) and even just the classic black all have this thick-coating consistency that only chemicals can provide.

Viva chapstick! ;)

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Saturday, October 4, 2003


Here in Tucson, AZ, the city is busting it's ass trying to keep Walgreens from leaving the downtown area. The downtown area has been getting worse and worse over the years, and even Walgreens wanted to leave, but the City's been giving them incentives to stay. They say that Walgreens staying downtown is vital to the revitalization project they are attempting to do downtown.

Me, I can't figure out how one Walgreens could be that vital. Especially if it's continually losing money and attempting to leave. But it amuses me to watch the City try so hard to keep Walgreens. Especially when there's one on every damned corner (heck, when comediens come to town to do some shows at the local comedy club, a lot of them comment on the huge number of Walgreens and Eegees in this town).

Wednesday, August 27, 2003

5:37PM - Walgreens Night-Time Baby Lotion

It is time for the long awaited Walgreens product review. The product of the week is:

Walgreens Night-Time Baby Lotion

Now, I hate the smell of baby powder. Loathe it, in fact. I must approve all of Angela's deodorant purchases so that baby powder is not mistakenly purchased for fear that a whiff of her fresh little arm pits will send me into a mad rage. Or I might just say something childish like "ew." Or go into a mad rage. Anyway, because of my intense dislike of all things baby powder, I was wary of the Walgreens Night Time Baby Lotion. However, I opened the cap in aisle 8, peeled back the protective seal (you know, like you're supposed to do after you buy the product) and took a quick smell.

Eureka! The scent was nice and clean and didn't reek of baby's ass, I mean powder. I slathered some on, enjoyed it immensely, then put it back and bought the fresh one from the back of the shelf.

The lotion is thick and creamy, but it melts into the skin like water. It is very cooling and refreshing, and as it promises prominently on the bottle, it does indeed soothe fussy babies. Like me. And it's on sale this week for $1.99! Yay for Walgreens products that don't completely suck.

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Sunday, August 24, 2003

10:47AM - This is certainly a step down from Angelina...

So I have a dilemma. In the Walgreens photo lab two days ago, we developed some pictures of none other than Billy Bob Thornton. But these aren't just fan pics of Billy Bob. Well, I mean, I hope these girls were fans. But they were doing a bit more than getting autographs. If you get my drift.

Actually, Billy Bob was eating his way through two different women, both of whom were unbelievably gross. Like bruised up, track marks-and-puss gross.

Are we sure it's really Billy Bob? Absolutely, because the idiot signed a boob that's clearly visible.

So... is it worth taking them, selling the to The Star, and getting fired for? ;)

For the legal record: I will not take the photos from the Walgreens photo lab, as that would be a direct violation of company policy. Thbpt.

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Thursday, June 19, 2003


A few months ago I was walking into Walgreens to buy manilla envelopes, as I was walking in a man was running out the door followed by the manager. As it turns out he was stealing womens underwear.

Wednesday, June 18, 2003


I like the smell of Walgreens. I also like walking in and out of the store because they have this cool video camera thing and a TV set up and you can see yourself. It's so awesome. A little fuzzy though. Hi.

Tuesday, June 17, 2003


Now that Desktop Hamster is a Kitchen Counter Hamster, I've been craving a new weekly (or so) feature to post on my LJ. I have decided to do a product review. Anyone that's heard me blabber on about how "Walgreens has a product for that..." might appreciate this feature.

This week's weird featured product is the Walgreens Levmetamfetamine Nasal Decongestant Vapor Inhaler. This little gold mine is the size of a tube of chapstick (mmm, chapstick) with a rounded white top and a screw-in base. You unscrew the base, shove the white rounded tip into a nostril and inhale an eye-popping breath of menthol-medicated goodness that instantly eases stuffy noses. Proper dosage is two sniffs in each nostril every two hours, but who cares about things like that? I found myself at work the other day, sneaking it out of my pocket and inhaling on Aisle 5, trying not to look like a drug addict. This tiny powerhouse is less than $4 and packs quite a punch. I don't recommend it for recreational use. However, it will ease allergies and cold woes. Put one in your pocket today.

vapor inhaler

That is all for Weird Walgreens Product Review.

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Monday, June 16, 2003


Since when does 4 rolls of film being developed cost $38?

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