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Now that Desktop Hamster is a Kitchen Counter Hamster, I've been craving a new weekly (or so) feature to post on my LJ. I have decided to do a product review. Anyone that's heard me blabber on about how "Walgreens has a product for that..." might appreciate this feature.

This week's weird featured product is the Walgreens Levmetamfetamine Nasal Decongestant Vapor Inhaler. This little gold mine is the size of a tube of chapstick (mmm, chapstick) with a rounded white top and a screw-in base. You unscrew the base, shove the white rounded tip into a nostril and inhale an eye-popping breath of menthol-medicated goodness that instantly eases stuffy noses. Proper dosage is two sniffs in each nostril every two hours, but who cares about things like that? I found myself at work the other day, sneaking it out of my pocket and inhaling on Aisle 5, trying not to look like a drug addict. This tiny powerhouse is less than $4 and packs quite a punch. I don't recommend it for recreational use. However, it will ease allergies and cold woes. Put one in your pocket today.

vapor inhaler

That is all for Weird Walgreens Product Review.
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