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This is certainly a step down from Angelina...

So I have a dilemma. In the Walgreens photo lab two days ago, we developed some pictures of none other than Billy Bob Thornton. But these aren't just fan pics of Billy Bob. Well, I mean, I hope these girls were fans. But they were doing a bit more than getting autographs. If you get my drift.

Actually, Billy Bob was eating his way through two different women, both of whom were unbelievably gross. Like bruised up, track marks-and-puss gross.

Are we sure it's really Billy Bob? Absolutely, because the idiot signed a boob that's clearly visible.

So... is it worth taking them, selling the to The Star, and getting fired for? ;)

For the legal record: I will not take the photos from the Walgreens photo lab, as that would be a direct violation of company policy. Thbpt.
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