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Things You Saw At The Drugstore
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advertising, aisles, alarm clocks, alka-seltzer, aluminum foil, antibiotics, aromatherapy, asprin, atm cards, automatic doors, baby lotion, baby wipes, ball point pens, band-aids, batteries, bi-rite, blister packaging, blow dryers, bobby pins, boots chemists, bottled water, brooms, bug spray, candy bars, canes, carmex, cash registers, change for a twenty, cheap barrettes, cheap cosmetics, chocolate bars, clairol herbal essences, combs, comic books, conditioner, condoms, cosmopolitan, cotton buds, crack creme, crest whitening strips, cvs, dental floss, dentyne ice, diet coke, disaffected staff, disposable cameras, duane reade, embarassing price checks, envelopes, excedrin, excursions, fabric softener, fans, feminine hygiene, film developers, glamour, gummi candy, hair nets, hair spray, home hair dying kits, hydrogen peroxide, icky things, imitrex, in store displays, infusium 23, injection molded plastic, juice, kotex, ky jelly, l'oreal, last minute purchases, laziness, lemonheads, longs, lysol, magazines, mascara, mass markets, maybelline, midol, milk, mirrors, motrin, mountain dew, mousse, mouthwash, nail clippers, nasal spray, neighborhoods, neutrogena, nylons, oil of olay, osco, paracetemol, people watching, pharmaceuticals, pharmacies, photographs, plasters, potato chips, prell, q-tips, reader's digest, reading glasses, revlon, rite-aid, rubber bands, rubbing alcohol, safety pins, sandwiches, sav-mor, sav-on, shampoo, sharpie markers, shoe polish, shoelaces, shoplifting, shopping baskets, shower caps, shrink wrap, singing fish, snack items, snapshots, soma, space heaters, spills, sponge mops, spritzheads, st. ives, sundries, sunscreen, superdrug, swiffers, tampax, tcp, that weird drugstore smell, the seasonal aisle, thong sandals, thrifty's, toilet paper, toothbrushes, toothpaste, tweezers, tylenol, valium, vaseline, vicodin, videos, walgreens

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